Vestry's Underground Lake
Location Statistics
Located In Vestry

One of Vestry'ss most notable feature and also the target of the Chess Pieces' ÄRM hunt, situated inside a littoral cave from which a waterfall falls from all side. 6 years ago, out of fear for the power of the Purific Ave which this cave hid, the Chess Pieces sealed its open to the sea - an act commanded by the King which killed the entire crews of the ship landed there (among them Alma, no. 1 Knight Phantom's ex-girlfriend) and cursed their souls to perpetually haunt the cave in the form of ghosts. In the 2nd War, the Chess sended two Bishops, Girom and Orco, back for the retrieval of Purific Ave, but Team MÄR (namely Ginta, Dorothy and Nanashi) this time thwarted them and when Ginta destroyed the cave's rock wall, freeing the ghost, Alma materialized and gave Ginta the Purific Ave in gratitude. This site of Vestry is also Phantom's favorite place, which he frequents, disguised as Tom.

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