Location Statistics
Located In Hild Continent

The town of water and forest, a farming city world famous for its beautiful scenery. During the campaign of the Second Great War, two Chess Piece members Orco and Girom, attacked and destroyed Vestry to gain access to their underground lake (said to be the hiding of mysterious ÄRMs, which turned out to be the Purific Ave). With the help of Team MÄR, both Orco and Girom were defeated, and its downtrodden people, inspired with hope again, started to work on Vestry's repair. During the Final Round of the War Games, a large number of Vestry citizens appeared to watch the fights.


Locations in VestryEdit

  • Vestry's Underground Lake: One of its most notable feature and also the target of the Chess Pieces' ÄRM hunt, situated inside a littoral cave from which a waterfall falls from all side.

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