The Flat Sisters
The Flats
Name The Flat Sisters
Appears In Anime only
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Ghost Chess
Family Each other
Parents (deceased)
ÄRMs Scalpel
Rotkäppchen Waltzer
Seiyū (Japanese) Grave: Kana Ueda
Allegro: Kaori Shimizu
Moderato: Mai Kadowaki

The Flat Sisters are a group of three sisters and members of the Ghost Chess. After losing their parents, the sisters were taken in by Kapel Meister and received the power of Ghost ÄRMs. Extremely loyal to their leader, they even refer to him as 'big brother'.

After initially battling Ginta and Jack in episode 89, they return to battle Ginta and Dorothy in episode 91. They seem to be upset by Dorothy's chest.

Along with General and Pause, the sisters met their end when Kapel Meister turned on them and absorbed them into his body. Unlike their two teammates, the three sisters held no ill will to their master as they perished, and considered it a blessing to die for him.



The Flat Sisters' ÄRMs are: