Stanley Anime
Name Stanley
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Anime) MÄR Episode 4
Gender Male
Affiliation Luberia
ÄRMs Necklace Blade
Seiyū (Japanese) Kishô Taniyama

Stanley is the leader of the Stanley Bandits. He was among the thieves that were contacted by Peta to capture Babbo. His group ambushed Ginta and Jack and stole Babbo. Ginta later caught up with them thanks to Bell and with help from Alviss, Ginta and Jack defeated the Stanley Bandits. It is later revealed that he is a member of Nanashi's Thieves Guild.


His ÄRMs are:

  • Necklace Blade: A Weapon ÄRM in the form of a necklace that transforms into a sword for battle, said to have dark (but yet to be revealed) power.

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