Phantom Glass
Phantom Glass
Name Phantom Glass
Type Unique
User Phantom

A Unique-typed ÄRM, a mirror which traps opponents inside it and breaks together when the user orders it to. Phantom uses this to kill cowards in the Chess Pieces too.

Usage and CountermeasuresEdit

Whenever the user uses this ÄRM, his/her foes would immediately trapped within a thin mirror that engulf their body. In manga, this works where foes' bodies spontantenously encases within the mirror when this ÄRM activated upon the user pleases. In anime however, the mirror itself projected in form of a single wave of mirrors in ethereal form. The wave of ethereal mirror then engulf the opponents' body upon impact in the form of single mirror. In either way, the mirror could be shatter whenever the user wishes to.

The only way to escape the mirror is by forcefully pushes oneself out from it. The process somewhat different between manga and anime version; in manga, the captive would have his/her body emerged from the mirror, while in anime, they escape by shattered the mirror from the inside.

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