Pazurika Island
Pazurika Island
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Located In Hild Continent

An island off the northern coast of the Hild Continent, and a nation with only two towns and no ruler. Pazurika Island is made mostly of forests and plains with some hills. Pazurika is the final stop of Lestava princess Snow's flight from Lestava castle, which discontinued when she was rescued by Ginta & co., and they stayed on for 3 days in a training course before moving to the main continent. In the 2nd Great MÄR-Heaven war thís island was one among the very few places not plundered by the Chess' ravaging claws, possibly owing largely to its autonomous state and rural position.


Locations in Parzurika IslandEdit

  • Pelica Port: The main town of Pazurika. It is located on the island's southwestern point, linking it to the main continent.
  • Cave of Babbo: Created by Alan on Parzurika Island, this is the cave where Babbo spent six years of the pause between two Great MÄR-Heaven wars slumbering after being confiscated by the Cross Guard when the 1st War Game ended.
  • Frozen Castle: A dilapidated castle in Pazurika Island. It was Princess Snow and her attendant Edward the Dog's hide-out in their flee from Lestava.
  • Jack's Farm: Situated in an unknown spot of Pazurika is the farm of Team MÄR's member Jack which he inherits from his father and has been cultivating with his mother since the man's death.

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