Open! The door to the other world
Episode 1
Kanji Ake! I Sekai no Tobira!!
Romanji 開け!異世界の扉!!
Air Date April 3, 2005
Episode 1
ÄRM of legend! Babbo !!
Episode 1 Screenshots

The first episode of MÄR.


Ginta Toramizu, an otaku-ish high school student, has had his 102nd dream of a fantasy world that goes by the name of MÄR-Heaven, and is subsequently subjected to many jeers from his classmates because of that, save for his childhood friend Koyuki. One day when he is briefing her on his newest dream, a phantom clown appears and claims him as the chosen Earth dweller to be permitted entrance into that very same wonderland. His embarkment into MÄR-Heaven is greeted by the meeting with a mysterious, beautiful witch named Dorothy and primary knowledge of the powerful magical artifacts existing worldwide – the ÄRMs.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit


  • Gatekeeper Clown
  • Flying Lion
  • Babbo

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