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Mr. Hook
Mr. Hook Anime
Name Mr. Hook
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Bishop
ÄRMs Screw Saber
Fishing Rod
Harpoon Cannon
Anger Anchor
Seiyū (Japanese) Kentarou Itou
Voice actor(s) (English) Doug Stone

Mr. Hook is a Bishop in the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Kentarou Itou in the Japanese anime and Doug Stone in the English anime.


Little is known about Mr Hook's background, except that he joined the Chess Pieces during the fall of Phantom as he never participated in the first War Games.


Little is known about Mr. Hook's personality. He is apparently quite confident in his abilities.

Mr. Hook gets his name from Captain Hook, a character in the fairy tale Peter Pan.


War GamesEdit

Mr. Hook is first introduced in the third round of the War Games. He is paired up to fight against Snow. Due to the heat of the volcano field and being an ice wielder, Snow ends up at a huge disadvantage and Mr. Hook easily wins. Mr. Hook however spares Snow as Diana ordered for Snow to only be captured, rather than killed.

Mr. Hook then moves onto the fourth round, where he fights Alviss. Alviss, much stronger than he was in the third round due to his training, easily manages to defeat Mr. Hook without using an ÄRM. The Knight Rapunzel challenges Mr. Hook to a game of "Rock Paper Scissors." Mr. Hook loses and Rapunzel decapitates Mr. Hook on the spot with Mr. Hook's body sinking into the ice afterwards.


Mr. Hook's ÄRM are:

  • Screw Saber: The untwisted foil release of Mr. Hook's corkscrew-twisted bracelet Weapon ÄRM.
  • Fishing Rod: A ring Weapon ÄRM in the form of a fishing pole which can fling people up into the air.
  • Harpoon Cannon: A ring Weapon ÄRM that summons a giant harpoon.
  • Anger Anchor: A ring Weapon ÄRM which summons a giant anchor from the sky to crush enemies. It is what he used to defeat Snow, but did not hit Alviss.

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