Luberia emblem
Kanji ルベリア
Romanji Ruberia
Leader Galian, Nanashi
Other Members Chapu, Mokku, Pirun, Stanley

Luberia is MÄR-Heaven's governing thief guild. It was founded by a strong warrior, gathering people who all have touched bottom.


It existed under two reigns. The founder appointed Nanashi, a man with an unknown past that Galian had taken under his wing (who secures the position of the boss which Galian entrusted to him as he deserted it for the Chess Pieces 6 years previously). Luberia tends to stay out of world affair and stays focus on its thieving occupation, which it did during the 1st War.

However in the 2nd War, things took a different turn as its derivative thieve groups were commissioned by Chess Piece Knight Peta to pursue Babbo and got themselves along with the Luberia fortress exterminated while assaulting Peta when he withdrew the contract concerning Babbo (and with it gone also a handsome bounty of one hundred million pewters). Distraught at this felony, Luberia's boss Nanashi resolved to give up the guild's neutral position and entered the War Game to extract his revenge.

At the end of the anime Galian and Nanashi rule Luberia together.

Known membersEdit

  • Galian - Founder and first leader of Luberia.
  • Mokku - Member of Luberia.
  • Chapu - Member of Luberia and follower of Mokku.
  • Stanley - Member of Luberia and leader of the Stanley Bandits.
  • Pirun - Member of Luberia. She was killed during Peta's attack on the Luberia Fortress.

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