Name Lillis
Appears In Anime Only
Gender Female
Seiyū (Japanese) Shizuka Itō

Lillis is an Anime-only character.



Lillis was originally the best Ärm user in her village. As a result of her family's strength, their village remained untouched during the first War by the Chess no Koma. One day, Alan, Gaira, and more Cross Guard members were trapped in a siege by the Chess no Koma. They were running out of supplies, and growing desperate. An army of knights suddenly appeared and defeated the Chess no Koma. Looking up, Alan saw Plenu Ryunu, Lillis' Ärm.

After seeing Lillis' power, Alan begged her to join the Cross Guard. Lillis was reluctant, but her parents told her she ought to go. Alan was overjoyed as Lillis stated that she would join.

One day, however, they recieved news that Lillis' village had been destroyed and her parents had been killed. Soon after, Lillis vanished into her own Dimension Ärm in Gaira's Gate of Training.

War GamesEdit


The form she used to fool Dorothy.


The form she used to fool Allen.

After going into Gaira's gate of training, Ginta was shocked to find himself in Tokyo. Everyone else all had mysterious piercings that made them forget who they were. After managing to group everyone together, Ginta realized that the Tokyo they were in was not the true Tokyo. Then, they all went to the outskirts and saw Lillis walk into a strange gate. Plenu Ryunu guarded the way in, and summoned an army of knights. Ginta, Dorothy and Alan went after Lillis while everyone else stayed and fought the knights.

Ginta. along with the rest of Team MAR (except for Nanashi, Jack and Alviss) found themselves in a perfect copy of Lillis' village, back before it had been destroyed. After looking around, they found that Lillis had manipulated her own memory in order to stay happy, and that Plenu Ryunu was summoned and kept by her remaining magical power. They leave, and Ginta gives Plenu Gyunu a rest by defeating it with Gargoyle.

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