Jack! Initiate Battle Shovel!
Episode 3
Kanji Jakku! Batoru Sukoppu Hatsudō!!
Romanji ジャック!バトルスコップ発動!!
Air Date April 17, 2005
Episode 3
ÄRM of legend! Babbo !!
Ginta! Reclaim Babbo!!
Episode 3 Screenshots

The third episode of MÄR.


Ginta's traveling leads him to the house of Jack, a father-orphaned farmer of Ginta's age living with his hospitable mom. They befriend each other after the two vagrants help him outfight the Rogelu Brothers, two werewolves terrorizing Jack's farming, and Jack decides to accompany Ginta on his way to find a way back to Earth.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Ginta
  • Babbo
  • Jack (first appearance)
  • Jack's Mother (first appearance)
  • The Two Rogelu Brothers (first and probably only appearance)


  • Babbo
  • Battle Shovel

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