Iced Earth
Iced Earth
Name Iced Earth
Type Nature
User Girom

Nature ÄRM that fires shards of ice at the enemies. This can also be used to form ice around the user's fist in the form of a giant fist for punching or a long icicle for stabbing. Used by Snow (a snowflake-shaped chatelaine) and Girom (a ring).


  • Iced Earth: Sword Version: Another function of Girom's Iced Earth. Girom forms ice around his arm into the form of a big icicle he can use as a sword.
  • Iced Earth: Claw Version: Another Version of Iced Earth. Like Sword Version except it takes the form of a claw.
  • Mega Iced Earth: Another function of Iced Earth. Girom forms a giant boulder made of ice and hurls it at his enemy.
  • Big Iced Earth: Another function of Iced Earth. The user combines ice produced by the ÄRM into a large ice boulder before hurling it at the enemy. Used by Girom.

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