Hild Continent
Location Statistics
Located In MÄR-Heaven

The continent of Hild is the northern-most continent of MÄR-Heaven.


Locations in the Hild ContinentEdit

  • Pazurika Island: An island off the northern coast of the Hild Continent, and a nation with only two towns and no ruler. Pazurika Island is made mostly of forests and plains with some hills.
  • Luberia Fortress:The headquarters of the Thieves Guild, a wooden fort built inside a large colossus lying in a desert. This place was partially ruined in the Peta accident.
  • Vestry:The town of water and forest, a farming city world famous for its beautiful scenery. During the campaign of the Second Great War, two Chess Piece members Orco and Girom, attacked and destroyed Vestry to gain access to their underground lake.

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