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Name Grave
Kanji グレイブ
Romanji Gureibu
Appears In Anime
Debut (Anime) MÄR Episode
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Gender Female
Affiliation Ghost Chess
Family Allegro (Sister, Deceased)
Moderato (Sister, Deceased)
ÄRMs Mess
Rotkäppchen Waltzer

Grave is Sister A and firstborn of the Flats who work under the Ghost Chess. She has the title "The Wonder" and therefore has a curious nature. She has faced Nanashi.

Along with the rest of the Ghost Chess, Grave died when Kapel Meister absorbed her into his body. While General and Pause struggled for air, Grave and her sisters happily accepted their fate, considering it a blessing to die for their leader.

Her phrase when forming Rotkäppchen is "steal thy love".

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