Ginta Toramizu
Ginta Anime
Name Ginta Toramizu
Kanji 虎水ギンタ
Romanji Toramizu Ginta
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Manga Chapter 1
Debut (Anime) MÄR Episode 1
Age 14
Gender Male
Team Team MÄR:Captain
Family Danna (Father)
Unnamed mother
ÄRMs Babbo
Seiyū (Japanese) Motoko Kumai (1-89)
Kumiko Higa (90-102)
Voice actor(s) (English) Spike Spencer



Babbo contains the unique ability to download the souls and personalities, essentially their consciousness, into himself. This is what gives Babbo his sentience.

In his base form the typical way of attacking is by swinging the weighted chain and use this to throw Babbo at an opponent. When the user gets into a close range he can use the hammer for a physical attack.

Besides attacking this form also has its own unique abilities. The chain connected the ball to the hammer is capable of increasing in length so the user can attack enemies from a distance and when not attacking the chain can be shortened so as not to interfere with the users mobility. The hammer can also change sizes from being smaller enough to resemble a normal sized hammer to growing and becoming large enough to rest on one's shoulder. The ball with Babbo's face can also rapidly increase in size and can grow as large and heavy as a house.

Babbo can be used for many unique ways of attacking by accessing his many different versions. However, these versions cannot be accessed without the Magic Stones that are attributed to them. To create these versions data is recorded from the users imagination. In total there are eight spots for Magic Stones, four on each side.

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