Name Belle
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) chapter 1
Debut (Anime) episode 2
Age unknown
Gender Female
Affiliation Fairies
Team Team MÄR
Family Alviss
Seiyū (Japanese) Kugimiya Rie
Voice actor(s) (English) Unknown

Belle is a tiny fairy seen most of the times at Alviss side. She has light blue hair, dark blue eyes, and dresses in a purple leotard.

Belle befriended Alviss in his earlier years while he was training under Gaira's supervision and from then on has crush on him.

She cares for him a great deal, and gets jealous of whomever Alviss so much as behaves intimately to (which ranges from girls to friends, e.g. Alan).


She gets captured in episode 47 (titled "Alviss' Struggle") and used as a battery to power a giant rock golem whom Alviss takes on single-handedly to rescue her.

Belle and Edward host extras at the end of later episodes that sums up the plot of each episode and lists the ÄRM Chess Pieces use in that episode.

In the end of the anime, Alviss and Belle live together.



  • She is named after Tinkerbell from Peter Pan stories.

See alsoEdit

  • w:c:Rifts, an RPG series where evil creatures capture fairies and put them inside magic containers to power dark weapons
  • w:c:Trigun, another anime series where fairies are captured and used as batteries

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