ÄRM of legend! Babbo
Episode 2
Kanji Densetsu no Āmu! Babbo!!
Romanji 伝説のアーム!バッボ!!
Air Date April 10, 2005
Episode 2
Open! The door to the other world!!
Jack! Initiate Battle Shovel!!!
Episode 2 Screenshots

The second episode of MÄR.


After aiding Dorothy on her ÄRM hunt, Ginta's forfeited the ownership of the dormant legendary ÄRM Babbo, a sentient weapon that is just as vexing as it is fabled. Ginta's and Babbo's bickering eventually leads to their newly founded company crumbling, landing Babbo in the hands of two ÄRM thief con men, Mokku and Chapu. However their identity is quickly exposed, and after Ginta forcibly reclaims Babbo, the two reconcile.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit


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